So, I became focused on the importance of the conversation on death and how we can curate a plan to die better

I believe I have identified one of the most life changing actions people can take in the quest to secure loving comfort for their families in the journey of loss and in attaining eternal peace for all involved throughout the dying process, the creation of a legacy driven end-of-life plan.



I look back on the last 15 years of my life and without question, they have been exceptionally difficult years.

My family endured the deaths of both of my brothers within 36 months of each other and I know without a doubt that these intensely difficult experiences filled with grief, anger and doubt were also filled with peace, love and trust.

I loved both my brothers beyond words. I miss them everyday. They taught me so much about strength of character, family and legacy. The bittersweet reality is that losing them was the catalyst that motivated me in the quest to discover how to create a better death.

Live Well

When we face our mortality it motivates us to have deeply transparent conversations wit the ones we love. When we share our hearts and our wishes, death becomes an opportunity for us to embrace life and LIVE WELL right to the very end.

Die Well

Fear is the absence of knowledge. When we know more about the thing that frightens us the most, we begin to feel a connection to it. A comfortability that we know where we are going, we have made a plan and prepared ourselves to die without regrets.

Leave a Legacy

Through stories and actions we begin to realize that legacy is not what we leave for others but what we leave IN others. We can craft how we want our legacy to look and how it will live on for generations to come in the ones we love. 

What Have You Learned From Your Journey of Loss?

After facing long term illness, we discussed end of life as a family with both of my brothers. The reality was, we didn't truly know the right questions to ask. When faced with the impossible decision to turn off life support... we didn't know what to do. 

I have learned that the creation of a personalized end of life plan is the most effective way to have your wishes honoured, reduce stress and trauma for your loved ones and comfort your family once your gone.